Every year SAS holds its annual banquet as a means for members to come together and celebrate the past year of activities.  We also have a noted contributor to astronomy give us a presentation.  We hope you can join us every January for a bit of fun and sharing.

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Upcoming Banquet Events

The next meeting will be held at Swedish Club, Seattle, Washington

Latitude 47.6364659, Longitude -122.3422046
  • JAN

    SAS 2018 Banquet

    Sun at 04:00 PM Open to Public

    The SAS 2018 Banquet will be on January 28, 2018 at the Swedish Club.  The speaker will be Robert Reeves.  You can purchase your reservation now.

    Robert Reeves will demonstrate how it is possible for the amateur astronomer to use modest, affordable equipment to take lunar photographs that exceed the resolution achieved by professional, earth-based telescopes during the Apollo era. Reeves will also detail the image processing steps required to achieve these results.

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