Paramount Park Star Party

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Open to Public

Type: Star Party

Held on: May 26, 2012 (Sat) at 10:00 PM to May 27, 2012 (Sun) at 12:00 AM

Sunset Times:

  • Official at 08:54 PM
  • Civil at 09:33 PM
  • Nautical at 10:25 PM
  • Astronomical at 11:36 PM

Location: 47.7402338, -122.3200539

Event Coordinator: Mike Langley

Paramount Park Star Party


Latitude 47.7402338, Longitude -122.3200539


The Paramount Park Star Party last Saturday night was well attended by the public who took advantage of the views offered by the four scopes set up by David Cook, Mike Howell, Myself and Chris (last name escapes me right now). The seeing was poor but the moon easily burnt through the thin cloud cover and Saturn was well positioned. Mars was also available but not impressive. Several double stars were profiled, Albireo being the most interesting, and even the planetary nebula M57 made an appearance. Mike Howell spent a good deal of time helping a family become familiar with their new go to scope and still was able to serve up his share of celestial treats. In spite of the much less than perfect viewing conditions, the public was pleased with the targets available and were enthusiastic with their questions. The clouds finally took command and covered the entire sky at 11:00PM and we packed up and declared it a successful star party. Thanks to Dave, Mike and Chris for making this star party work so well.

Mike Langley


Number of Supporters: 4

Number of Attendees: 20

Number of Telescopes: 4

Duration (hours): 2.0



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