Paramount Park Star Party

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Open to Public

Type: Star Party

Held on: Jul 28, 2012 (Sat) at 09:00 PM to Jul 28, 2012 (Sat) at 11:00 PM

Sunset Times:

  • Official at 08:48 PM
  • Civil at 09:25 PM
  • Nautical at 10:12 PM
  • Astronomical at 11:11 PM

Location: 47.7402338, -122.3200539

Event Coordinator: Mike Langley

Paramount Park Star Party


Latitude 47.7402338, Longitude -122.3200539


The Paramount Park Star Party last Saturday, July 28th was attended by six SAS members who provided a variety of telescopes including two or three Dobs, two Maksutov-Cassegrains, and a refractor for the viewing enjoyment of the public. We set up early and got a head start with the moon as the target which is always a crowd pleaser. Several people were interested in purchasing their own telescopes and were able to compare the different types on hand. The weather was clear with some air turbulence and the sky lacked transparency but everyone enjoyed the event just the same. I lost count but the star party was well attended. A big thanks goes out to Karl, Mark, Chris, David and Jim for making the star party so much fun.
Mike Langley


Number of Supporters: 6

Number of Attendees: 50

Number of Telescopes: 6

Duration (hours): 3.0



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