A Close-up View of the Andromeda Galaxy

M31 moon

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Type: General Meetings

Keywords: M31 Andromeda Galaxy Star Clusters

Held on: Nov 19, 2014 (Wed) at 07:30 PM to Nov 19, 2014 (Wed) at 09:30 PM

Speaker: Lori Beerman

Location: Physics/Astronomy Auditorium (PAA), Room A118, Seattle, Washington

Event Coordinator: Christopher Laurel

Please join us for our November General Meeting.  Board Elections will take place at the beginning of the meeting, so please try to attend!  We are pleased that Lori Beerman, who is a sixth year graduate student in the UW Department of Astronomy, will provide our guest presentation.  Her abstract is provided as a note below.



Latitude 47.6529796, Longitude -122.3110046



The Andromeda Galaxy is the Milky Way’s galactic neighbor, and is an excellent place to study how spiral galaxies are formed and how they evolve.  The Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury (PHAT) is providing the most in depth view of this galaxy yet with observations from the Hubble Space Telescope.  This survey covered over 1/3 of the galaxy and resolved over 150 million individual stars.  After a broad overview of the survey, I will discuss how we have identified thousands of star clusters, how we obtain their ages and masses, and how these clusters are helping us understand various astrophysical processes such as star formation and the lifetime of molecular clouds.



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