Speck on Speck on Speck POSTPONED

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Type: Outreach

Held on: Jul 25, 2014 (Fri) at 11:00 PM to Jul 26, 2014 (Sat) at 12:00 AM

Location: 47.680880, -122.341411

Event Coordinator: David W. Ingram


Artist Allyce Wood has postponed this event until July 25th.

I am Allyce Wood, a Seattle artist working with the Henry Art Gallery on a conceptual star-gazing project. As part of their Summer Program, I am hosting a free event where I will share research and poetry regarding our cultures' appreciation of the night sky. Ideally, an actual star-gazing experience would take place.
You can read more here: http://www.henryart.org/events/show/989 and more about me here:allycewood.com


Thank you so much! 

Allyce Wood



Latitude 47.68136, Longitude -122.3408605


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