Year of the Dwarf Planet

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Keywords: Asteroid Dwarf Planet Comet Ceres Pluto Dawn Rosetta

Held on: Feb 18, 2015 (Wed) at 07:00 PM to Feb 18, 2015 (Wed) at 09:00 PM

Speaker: Ron Hobbs

Location: Physics/Astronomy Auditorium (PAA), Room A102, Seattle, Washington

Event Coordinator: Christopher Laurel

2015 will go down as the "Year of the Dwarf Planet" with unmanned spacecraft from Earth visiting the first discovered dwarf planets, Ceres and Pluto. Along with the investigations by Rosetta at Comet 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko, this year will be a watershed for the understanding of the "third zone" of the Solar System. This talk by NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador Ron Hobbs will be an update on what we've learned so far about these new worlds and what to expect later in the year from our robot explorers.


Latitude 47.6529796, Longitude -122.3110046


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