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Type: Board Meeting

Held on: May 19, 2013 (Sun) at 07:00 PM to May 19, 2013 (Sun) at 09:00 PM

Location: Museum of Flight, 9404 East Marginal Way South, Seattle, WA 98108

SAS Board meeting to review action items, review the udpated web-site and prepare for June presentation.


Latitude 47.5184046, Longitude -122.2958129



  1. Review action items from 4/21/13 Board meeting minutes.
    1. Angus will check in with Jon to become apprised of the SAS contact information for the UW site.
    2. Zong and Denis will coordinate transfer of the mailbox key and Zong will make two copies of the key.
    3. Angus will invite Sorin to the Huddle Account.
    4. Zong will send Sorin information on the Twitter account @SeattleAstroSoc.
    5. Sorin will try to become an additional facebook editor by contacted Greg Scheiderer.
    6. Sorin will set up a meeting for Denis, Mary, Ward and Sorin for 2 hours on Sunday. Paul will be included after the first 2 hours to figure out the membership issues.
    7. Denis will write the honorarium letter.
    8. Paul will check on email issue either by looking for error messages or by throttling down the sending algorithm.
    9. Zong will restore Sorin’s Night Sky Network account.
    10. Denis will email Ward and Gary to introduce Sorin.
    11. Denis will contact Bob Mulford about SPP outreach and to seed the idea of a permanent observatory,
    12. Maxine will give Denis a finance report at her leisure for him to present at the next meeting.
  2. New Web Site Project
    1. Pre-launch issues to resolve.
    2. Set a launch date and plan.
    3. Communication plan to membership.
  3. e-mail transmission troubles.
  4. Post office box transition.
  5. Donation to UW.  (Last year we sent $250 on April 23.)
  6. Night Sky Network
    1. Go/No Go decision
    2. If Go, need action plan.
  7. June meeting preparation.
    1. Speaker?
    2. Jerry to preside in place of Denis?
    3. Cancel Board meeting?


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