Habitable Worlds and Life in the Cosmos

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Held on: Nov 20, 2013 (Wed) at 07:30 PM to Nov 20, 2013 (Wed) at 09:30 PM

Speaker: Giada Arney, University of Washington

Location: Physics/Astronomy Auditorium (PAA), Room A118, Seattle, Washington

Event Coordinator: Jerry Kuch

Astrobiology studies the origin, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the universe.  Although Earth is the only place we know life exists, the ingredients of life are common throughout the cosmos. Other worlds of our solar system may be suitable for the origin of life and studies of extrasolar planets shed light on potentially habitable worlds throughout the galaxy. As potentially habitable planets are identified, we seek to understand whether they do (or can) support life. Astronomers at UW are pioneering the search for such life. We will discuss recent developments and discoveries in astronomy relevant to astrobiology, including work done locally at the University of Washington.

Elections for the SAS board will occur at the beginning of the meeting.



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