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Type: General Meetings

Keywords: Supernova

Held on: Jul 19, 2017 (Wed) at 07:30 PM to Jul 19, 2017 (Wed) at 09:00 PM

Speaker: Dr. Melissa Graham

Location: Physics/Astronomy Auditorium (PAA), Room A102, Seattle, Washington

Event Coordinator: Christopher Laurel

When a star explodes, astronomers use their telescopes to investigate: to identify the star and the cause of death, and when homicide is suspected, to look for trace signatures of the perpetrator. This talk will cover modern techniques in supernova "crime scene investigation" from a local astronomer - a "Coroner for the Stars" - and discuss the cosmological consequences of violence such as zombie stars and insterstellar civilizations caught in the crossfire


Latitude 47.6529218, Longitude -122.3110596


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