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Geminid Meteor Shower Watch

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Open to Public

Type: Visual Observing

Keywords: Star Party Public Free Meteors

Held on: Dec 13, 2017 (Wed) at 07:00 PM to Dec 14, 2017 (Thu) at 04:00 AM

Location: Snoqulamie Point Park, 37580 SE Winery Road, North Bend, WA

Event Coordinator: David W. Ingram

Beginning after sunset Wednesday, December 13th, upwards of 60 meteors per hour are expected to shower Earth until Moonrise at 4am on Thursday.  The absence of moonlight, the Earth's "near perfect" intersection with Asteroid 3200 Phaethon's debris trail and a predicted peak meteor rate around midnight, makes this mid December meteor shower one of the best observing events of 2017.

Area astronomers including volunteers from the Seattle Astronomical Society will be on hand to assist the public in viewing the Geminid meteor shower at Snoqualmie Point Park.  

Dress warmly and keep chldren and pets under close control.   Better the weather, means parking will be at a premium.  Bring lawn chairs and blankets to avoid sitting or laying on bare, cold ground.

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  • JUN

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  • MAY

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