Astrophotography Events

Shown in date descending order.

  • NOV

    Astrophotography Imaging with DSLRs

    Tue at 07:30 PM SAS Members Only

    The monthly AP meeting will restart this month, 11-11 at the Red Barn room of the Museum of Flight. Andy will present work flow around an imaging session - choosing a target, getting ready at home, setting ... more

  • MAY

    Astrophotography group meeting

    Tue at 07:00 PM Open to Public

    The meeitng will focus on the following topics: - Planning your astro-imaging session for success. - Choosing the right target - Preparing your imaging equipment; telescope, imaging equipment or DSLR, ... more

  • FEB

    Astrophotography group meeting

    Mon at 07:00 PM Open to Public

    This meeting re-kindles the astrophotography group with the following topics: - What you can achieve with simple imaging setups. i.e. DSLR, lenses and simple trackers - Planning your astro-imaging session ... more

  • JUN

    Astrophotography Meeting - AP Gear

    Tue at 07:30 PM Open to Public

    SAS Member Andy Ermolli will bring in his imaging setup and walk us through his equipment and astro-imaging process.

  • MAY

    Astrophotography Meeting

    Tue at 08:30 PM Open to Public

    Jerry will present an overview of getting started in Astrophotography.