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It's good to be back. It's been two years since we last came together and we hope you can join us for an night of astronomy, community, and celebration!

For 2022, we're thrilled to welcome Dr. Joanne Hughes-Clark, Associate Professor of Physics at Seattle U, presenting on observational astronomy of globular clusters and dwarf galaxies. We're also excited to welcome back Seattle band Warren Dunes providing vibrant tunes for the evening.

New this year, we are over the moon in featuring an astrophotography fundraising gallery powered by our own SAS community. Proceeds from the gallery and donations from the night will support a new SAS youth summer camp!

We hope to welcome both new friends and longtime SAS members. Let's come together in community and create something special together.

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    2022 SAS Banquet

    Sat at 05:00 PM
    Open to Public

    It's good to be back. It's been two years since we last came together and we hope you can join us for a night of astronomy, community, and celebration! For 2022, we're thrilled to feature Joanne Hughes, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics at Seattle U, presenting on Globular Clusters and Galaxy Formation. We're also excited to have Katherine Johnston presenting on NASA's Artemis missions to the Moon. Finally, we welcome back Warren Dunes providing vibrant tunes throughout the ... more

    5 months ago

    "Astrofundraiser" Gallery NOW LIVE!

    We are thrilled to share about our first ever, SAS community powered astrophotography gallery and fundraiser! Please click here and make a bid! This is both an in-person and online opportunity and the auction will end on Saturday, 3/19 @ 8:30 PM. Your contributions will empower us in our goal to procure telescopes for our new Telescopes-For-All youth summer program. We're hoping that all photos will have a bid of at least $20 so let's support both our fellow members and the cause itself by making bids for everyone's hard work. If you see a lonely photo, please make a bid :) Questions? Please contact Alan at 

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