SAS 2021 Board Nominations are Open

Posted 8 months ago

The SAS Board elections are coming up in November. We, the nomination committee, are asking our members to consider volunteering to stand for one of the 7 positions. The Board will meet November 1st to assemble the slate of candidates. You are welcome to attend if you would like to get involved.

Running a club like ours successfully requires a great deal of volunteer work, from organizing events and star parties, lining up speakers, keeping track of and recruiting members, managing the books, the website, and coordinating our educational outreach to the public. The pandemic has presented the club with new difficulties but also some new opportunities. Our calendar of virtual events has greatly expanded this year and we hope to continue that as we move forward into the (hopefully soon) post-COVID future.

Here is a list of the positions on the Board and a brief description of the responsibilities. If you value your membership in the SAS and would like to see it continue and improve, please take a look and consider how you might best participate. 

If you would like to help, please send an email to our President, John at 

The Nomination Committee



The President shall preside over all meetings of the Society, and perform all traditional duties pertaining to the executive office. Each president, upon retiring from office, becomes a member of the Executive Board as Immediate Past President.

Vice President of Activities

The primary responsibility of this office shall be (1) to arrange for a program for each regular monthly meeting and (2) to coordinate and plan other regularly scheduled and special activities of the organization.

Vice President of Education

The primary responsibility of this office shall be to coordinate, design curricula for, and carry out educational programs in astronomy specifically designed for (1) beginning members and junior members of the Society, (2) elementary and secondary schools, and (3) the general public.

Vice President of Membership

The primary responsibility of this office shall be to coordinate programs designed to (1) recruit new members, (2) introduce new members to the activities of the Society and facilitate their

participation therein, and (3) promote the recognition of members for their activities and service to the society. It shall be the responsibility of the Third Vice-President to assure that a complete and current membership and mailing list is maintained in a form that is suitable for mailings and printing of membership listings.

Vice President of Publicity

The primary responsibility of this office shall be to coordinate efforts to publicize activities of the

society to (1) the general membership, (2) other local, regional, and national astronomical organizations and publications, and (3) to the local and regional public through information distributed to the press, radio, and television media.


Primary duties of this office shall be to (1) keep brief minutes of all Society meetings, (2) maintain other appropriate correspondence external to the Society, (3) coordinate the preparation of materials for distribution to Society members via monthly meeting notices and other such publications as concern Society members and (4) coordinate the assembly, organization, maintenance, and dissemination of materials relating to the history and activities of this Society.


Primary duties of this office shall be to (1) receive and disburse all Society funds upon approval of the president, and (2) maintain permanent records of all such transactions.