There is Still Time to Volunteer for the Board!

Posted 7 months ago

We have gotten a good response to our call for Board nominations. Thanks to several of you for stepping up. 

The slate of nominees will be finialized and presented before the general meeting on November 18. We will put another general announcement but there is still time for you to add your name.

Again, the positions are 

  • President

  •  Vice President of Activities

  •  Vice President of Education

  •  Vice President of Membership

  •  Vice President of Publicity

  •  Secretary

  •  Treasurer

If none of these positions appeals to you but you'd still like to participate let us know. We can find something for you to help out with whether it is as a advisee, or a helper with the website or with the equipment library. Just send a message to John at and we will work with you.


The Nominations Committee