Meet your new Board

Posted about 1 month ago

On November the 10th a new board was elected for 2022. The nominating committee went far and wide looking for people that were interested in committing their valuable time and energy to leading the club. Here are the result of the election.

    President: Aaron Yoon (continuing)
    VP Activities: Rayna Bauer
    VP Education: David Ingram (continuing)
    VP Membership: Alan Spurgeon
    VP Publicity: Michelle Dallas
    Secretary: Mary Anderson (continuing)
    Treasurer: David Hoover (continuing)

Thanks to everyone that showed up to vote in the elections and supporting this process.

Not elected, but just as important, are these appointed positions. Thanks to these members that volunteer their time to add additional value to the SAS..

    Equipment Managers: Bob Mulford & Darryn Lavery
    Outreach Coordinator: Wendy Froggatt
    Astronomical League Correspondent: David Hoover
    Web Master: Ward W. Vuillemot