• Indicate Your Interest

    posted over 6 years ago

    Did you know you can indicate your interest to participate or volunteer for an event or activity?  You can!  If you are signed in you will see a link, I am interested!, at the bottom of the page for an event or activity, which you can click to then indicate how you are interested.

    You can also see everything you have an interest in from your member's profile.  Click on the blue tab and then click on the left-hand navigation labeled Interests.

  • Come and Join us! for Goldendale Star Party

    posted over 6 years ago

    The SAS is hosting a members-only annual star party at Brooks Memorial State Park, 12 miles north of Goldendale, WA. this September 5, 6, and 7th.

  • Changes to SAS Board

    posted over 6 years ago

    The SAS Board welcomes Webmaster Ward Vuillemot, who has accepted a position on the SAS Board as a Trustee, effective immediately.  Sorin has resigned his position on the SAS Board because he is moving out of state.  We thank Sorin for his service and wish him well.

  • Start Time Correction for Astrophotography Meeting - AP Gear

    Event on 2013-06-25 posted over 6 years ago

    The correct start time for the Astrophotography meeting is 7:30pm. It was erroneously listed as beginning an hour later.

  • Cancel Notice for Board Meeting

    Event on 2013-06-23 posted over 6 years ago

    Please note that this month's June Board meeting has been canceled.