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Goldendale Star Party

Starry night

As is becoming an SAS tradition, we are having two Goldendale Star Parties in 2017: May 25 - 29 and September 14 - 18.

Brooks Memorial State Park is an incredibly dark site which offers an excellent opportunity for those of you who were unable to attend the recent Table Mountain Star Party or others in the area. If you've never visited a dark sky site for a star party, you'll be amazed.

Photo of Milky Way over Goldendale Park by Mark De Regt


Who can attend?

The Goldendale Star Party is intended for Seattle Astronomical Society members and their guests only, as prescribed by the rules in other SAS Members-Only Star Parties.

If a non-member wishes to attend, he or she may do so at the cost of $10 per person and must sign an indemnity waiver (which will be available from the coordinator on site). This covers the cost of the site and our responsibility as a group for the event.  The fee for SAS members' use of the field that was sent to the rangers by SAS covers the specific Thursday through Sunday time frame; and if a participant comes early on Wednesday, July 15 or Sept. 9, he or she may have to pay an extra day fee if the field is available for early use before the official dates.  

About Brooks Memorial State Park

Brooks Memorial State Park is located 12 miles North of Goldendale, Washington in a very dark sky region. There will be space for a number of campsites, water, pit-style toilets, and shower facilities ($0.25 / 3 minutes, you must bring your own soap and towels). More information about the park is located on the Washington State Parks and Recreation site:

You will need to bring food and supplies for the duration of your stay, and we would like to encourage you to stick around for the entire event. Water is on site.  Also, a tradition has been established on Saturday night in recent years  by participants who have been bringing food for the group and enjoying a potluck dinner before observing begins. Participation in the potluck is optional, of course; but those wishing to participate in the group dinner may want to plan ahead for bringing food items to share with the group.   


Located 13 miles north of Goldendale, Wash., in the Simcoe Mountains in Klickitat County.

Note: The Group Campsite is located across the highway from the regular Brooks Memorial Park campsites - we will have fewer light intrusions as a result.

From Yakima:
Take Hwy. 97 out of Toppenish. Park is 40 miles south of Toppenish.

From Vancouver, WA:
Take I-84 on the Oregon side of the Columbia River. At Biggs, Oregon, take Bigg's Bridge past Maryhill State Park, northbound onto Hwy. 97 to Goldendale. Brooks Memorial is on Hwy. 97, 13 miles north of Goldendale.

A link to the map on Google Maps:

And Don't Forget the Goldendale Observatory Nearby!

If you weren't already tempted to come out to the Goldendale Star Party for its dark skies, there's the wonderful Goldendale Observatory nearby. From the Washington State Park website:

"Goldendale Observatory State Park is a five-acre educational facility on a 2,100-foot-high hilltop, 1.5 miles north of Main Street in the city of Goldendale. The observatory houses one of the nation's largest public telescopes and has attracted sky-watchers since its opening in 1973. The observatory is open to anyone who wants to view the universe."

It's a quick, 14 mile trip from the Brooks Memorial State Park campground, and well worth the visit. For more information about this fine observatory, check out this article:

Directions to the Goldendale Observatory from Brooks Memorial State Park -

Upcoming Goldendale Star Party Events

  • SEP

    Goldendale Star Party

    Thu at 06:00 PM Open to Public

    The second Goldendale Star Party in 2017 is scheduled to begin on Thursday, September 15, 2017 and to end on Monday, September 18, 2017.  Begin to plan now for attending this great event open to SAS members and their families.  More details will be available at a later date.

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