Astrophotography Special Interest Group Meeting

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Type: Astrophotography

Keywords: Autoguiding Astrophotography Pixinsight Nightscape Dslr

Held on: Mar 08, 2016 (Tue) at 07:00 PM to Mar 08, 2016 (Tue) at 09:00 PM

Speaker: Roland White

Location: Museum of Flight 9404 E Marginal Way S Seattle, WA 98108

Event Coordinator: Ron & Tamae Bailey

Roland White will discuss Solar Imaging, which is timely for the upcoming Transit Of Mercury on May 9th of this year.  Another upcoming event of particular interest is the Total Solar Eclipse that will occur next year in August of 2017.  The three major methods of solar imaging will be discussed, and example hardware for both white light filters and the Hershel Wedge will be shown, along with some sample images.  As with any discussion of Solar observation, the importance of eye safety  will be mentioned.  Beyond the normal imaging of the bright Photosphere of  the Sun, an introduction to the more challenging topic of imaging the Solar Corona and the dark side of the Moon during the Totality phase of a Total Solar Eclipse will also be presented.


Latitude 47.518388, Longitude -122.2967019


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