About Outreach

The SAS provides education and outreach events for the benefit of the general public. This is a central component of the society's mission. The SAS outreach program is sustained by dedicated volunteers, who contribute time and expertise in sharing their knowledge and passion for astronomy.

Outreach and Astronomy Education
are central to the mission
of the Seattle Astronomical Society

Monthly Events

SAS volunteers conduct monthly public star parties at Green Lake and Paramount Park, weather permitting. The public is invited to enjoy views of the moon, planets, and deep sky objects through telescopes and binoculars. Please visit the star parties page for details, and check the SAS home page for announcements concerning these events.

Theodor Jacobsen Observatory Program

A dedicated group of SAS volunteers offers bi-monthly programs (April through October) at the Theodor Jacobsen Observatory on the University of Washington campus. Visitors are treated to discussion of the history of the observatory and its beautiful telescope, and if the weather permits, the dome is opened for views through the telescope.

Special Events

SAS volunteers routinely participate in special events throughout the year for the benefit of the general public, including activities connected with national events such as Space Day and Astronomy Day, as well as local events and events connected with special astronomical phenomena (eclipses, transits, etc.).

Requested Events

SAS volunteers routinely conduct events for the benefit of schools, libraries, and other community organizations. These include private star parties, "science night" participation, educational presentations, etc. If you would like to request such an event, please contact us with the details of your request.