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Visual Observation of the Night Sky.

One of the primary activities of amateur astronomers is visual observation of the night sky and the vast assortment of objects it contains.  One can participate in this activity using the unaided eye or by using telescopes and binoculars of varying sizes and designs.

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Many SAS members are visual observers, and the SAS welcomes all members to participate in this activity regardless of skill or experience.  Some SAS members are casual observers who enjoy the sky for pure pleasure, while others commit to more serious observing programs such as recording observations of variable stars or completing one or more of the observing programs offered by the Astronomical League.

One of the best ways to get started as an observer is to attend one of the SAS star parties.  Nonmembers are welcome to attend our monthly public star parties at Green Lake and Paramount Park, and members enjoy views under a darker sky at the monthly star parties held at Snoqualmie Point Park.  There is no substitute for first hand experience at these events.

The SAS does not own or rent property for astronomical observing.  We have a contractual agreement with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources to use Snoqualmie Point Park for our members-only star parties.  Also, members often meet at Rattlesnake Lake for impromptu observing sessions.

Seattle observers may find the 2024 AstroCalendar useful for planning their outings.

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  • OCT

    Observe the Moon Night

    Sat at 07:00 PM
    Open to Public

    The Bonney Lake Chapter of the SAS is hosting International Observe the Moon Night, an annual event when the Moon is around first quarter ― a great phase for evening observing. Furthermore, a first-quarter Moon offers excellent viewing opportunities along the terminator (the line between night and day), where shadows enhance the Moon’s cratered landscape. The event will be held in Allen York Park. There will be telescopes set up to observe the moon, or feel free to bring your ... more

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    No future events for this activity are yet planned. Check back soon!

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  • SEP

    Bonney Lake Star Gazing

    Sat at 08:00 PM
    Open to Public

    Join us in Bonney Lake on the 3rd Saturday for Star Gazing. We will have telescopes for people to look through or feel free to bring your own. The fun starts at sunset.

    almost 2 years ago

    Bonney Lake Star Gazing starts soon!

    Bonney Lake Star Gazing starts shortly on Sep 17 (Sat) at 08:00 PM.

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  • None Planned Presently

    No future events for this activity are yet planned. Check back soon!


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