• Cancellation for New Members Orientation

    Event on 2020-04-19 posted 7 days ago

    This New Members Orientation (new members orientation event) scheduled for Apr 19, 2020, 02:00 PM is cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions.

  • Lending Library Status

    posted 15 days ago

    SAS is suspending transfers of equipment in the lending library due to the stay at home health order. If you have equipment checked out, your loan will be extended. If you are on the waiting list, please be patient. If you have any concerns please contact President@SeattleAstro.Org

  • Reminder for Rattlesnake Mountain Trailhead Star Party

    Event on 2020-03-21 posted 18 days ago

    If attending the member only star party, please read and follow these King County Health Department Guidelines:

    Older adults and at risk individuals with underlying medical conditions are encouraged to stay home.

    Do not attend if you have symptoms. Go home immediately if you begin having symptoms.

    Stay isolated from other observers.

    Do not share looking thorough other’s telescopes to avoid “touching your eye” to a potentially contaminated surface.

    Use hand sanitizer.

  • Videos Available for Mars Perseverance Rover

    Event on 2020-03-18 posted 20 days ago

    Our first ever online SAS General Meeting's videos are now available from our website page for this event. You can either enjoy watching the videos directly from the page with your favorite web-browser, or you can download them directly to your computer for later viewing.

  • Event update due to Covid 19 Virus

    posted 21 days ago

    1. We have cancelled all public star parties throuogh at least the end of March.
    2. We are checking to see if we can still hold the member only star parties in compliance with all health department guidelines.
    3. We are planning to hold the March 18th member meeting online via Zoom. There will be a presentation on the Mars Perseverence Rover Mission. Details will be posted soon

    John McLaren, SAS President