The official mission of the SAS includes outreach as one of the main efforts of the organization. However, we recognize that not all astronomers are equally interested in outreach, and the Outreach Team was created so that we can communicate outreach-related matters only to those who are interested.

Who are Outreach Volunteers?

The team consists of the Outreach Coordinator and members of the SAS who are interested in participating in outreach activities.

The Outreach Coordinator handles requests for outreach. When a member of the public requests help with an event, the Coordinator decides whether to assume responsibility for the event or to decline involvement with it. The event is then communicated to the volunteers of Outreach Team along with a request for volunteers. If the coordinator assumes responsibility for the event, they will appoint an event coordinator (who may not be the Outreach Coordinator) to oversee the project and all of its volunteers.

Outreach Volunteers are the muscle of the group. Without them, SAS cannot serve as many outreach events as we'd like to accomodate.

Outreach Volunteers are the
muscle of the group.

Benefits of Volunteering with Outreach

Joining the Outreach Team offers a member more exposure to outreach and the opportunity to participate in outreach events. Each Outreach Volunteer will get first-hand news of an outreach event in which the SAS chooses to participate.

Outreach is a noble cause. We do outreach because we want to educate the public about the wonders of astronomy. Of course, we also are gratified to see, for example, the delight in the faces of the public when they see Saturn for the first time with their own eyes!

Outreach is not just about educating the public; we also educate ourselves.

Finally, outreach volunteering is yet another way to make friends. You can easily find other astronomers who are also passionate in outreach, but we also are able to make friends with members of the public through interaction with them.

Outreach is not just about
educating the public;
we also educate ourselves.

Joining as Outreach Volunteer

Anyone who is a member of the SAS can join as an Outreach Volunteer. Please indicate your interest here on the outreach volunteers.

Night Sky Network

The Outreach Coordinator and the Board are currently investigating using the NSN as a way to coordinate events and functions. Outreach volunteers are welcome to request access to help evaluate the portal. Send an email to VP Education to request access.