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Through the Clouds

Through the clouds

Through The Clouds, a Google group and SAS discussion forum, is a great place to find and interact not only with other SAS members but also with astronomers from around the world! There is no need to be a SAS member to join, though.  Membership in Through the Clouds is open to all humans on Planet Earth with no requirement to live in Seattle or to join the Seattle Astronomical Society. (SAS)  To join this discussion group, click on the Through the Clouds link above, and you will be taken to the registration page.  After you become a Through the Clouds group member, clicking on the link will take you to the discussion page.  


What's New in Through the Clouds Discussion?

Star Cluster M15:  Leonard has shared another of his great images for our inspiration and enjoyment: Star Cluster  M 15. Go to the group discussion to read Leonard's comments and to use the link to view the great image.  Or if you are not a TTC member, click on the link below to view the image and become a member by clicking on the link above or below. See M15:

Comet Neowise:  After dominating discussion here in our Through the Clouds group, the bright Comet Neowise is now moving away from earth for a 6,800 year absence.  If you are a member or become a member of this discussion group, you will be able to read the many informative messages about this comet, written by our  accomplished astronomer ,members..

Alpha Capricornid and Delta Aquarid Meteor Showers: Double Meteor Showers will appear on one night: tonight!  Beginning July 28 and extending into morning hours of July 29, these two showers bring a possibility of fireballs.  For more information, see the message posted on July 26.