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  • JAN

    Seeking Signs of Ancient Life in Jezero Crater with the Mars Perseverance Rover

    Wed at 06:30 PM Open to Public

    SAS is honored to welcome Deputy Project Scientist of the Mars Perseverance Rover Dr. Katie Stack Morgan!

    Presentation Abstract: The Mars 2020 Perseverance rover, NASA’s next flagship mission, launched to Mars in July 2020 and will begin its mission on the martian surface in February 2021. The Mars 2020 mission is seeking signs of past life in Jezero crater, the site of an ancient delta and crater lake. Perseverance will also collect a diverse and compelling set of rock and soil samples for return to Earth by a potential future set of missions. This presentation, given by Dr. Katie Stack Morgan, the Mars 2020 Deputy Project Scientist, will provide an overview of Perseverance’s mission objectives, its landing site, and what we hope to learn from NASA’s next Mars mission.

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