• Reminder for Green Lake Public Star Party

    Event on 2019-06-08 posted 3 months ago

    This is just a friendly reminder that the Green Lake Public Star Party (outreach event) IS NOT CANCELED BUT IS STILLSCHEDULED for June 08, 2019, 08:00 PM.  The Green Lake Star Party is still planned as scheduled. The cancellation notice below of unknown origin is erroneous!   Please come out and join us on June 8 for the Green Lake Star Party!! 

  • Stargazing in Seattle – Mercury and Mars in June

    posted 3 months ago

    Mercury will be visible low in the west-northwest evening sky during most of June. On the evening of June 17, Mercury and Mars will move to within one-half degree of each other and be visible in the same low power telescope field. The best time to see the pair is just after the end of civil twilight. Look low in the west-northwest at about 10 PM, when the pair of planets will be about seven degrees above the horizon.

  • Stargazing in Seattle - Crescent Moon and Mars

    posted 3 months ago

    On the evening of June 5, look for Mars near the 3 day old crescent Moon at dusk.  Around 10 PM, just after the end of Civil Twilight, the Moon will be low in the West-Northwest, about 12 degrees above the horizon (a clenched fist held out at arm's length is about 10 degrees wide). Mars will be seven degrees to the right of the Moon and a little lower in the sky. Mars shines at magnitude 1.8 and looks like a bright orange tinged star. The planet Mercury is also visible at the same time but is less than four degrees above the Northwest horizon and will be challenging to see.

  • Reminder for Goldendale Star Party

    Event on 2019-05-30 posted 3 months ago

    Goldendale Star Party Reminder – Enjoy this dark sky site by keeping it dark. Please arrive BEFORE dark! Entering the group campground after dark is hazardous to people and equipment set up throughout the group campground. Car lights after dark disrupt observers’ night vision and astrophotography. Check this DOT website for construction delays on I90 and I82


  • Cancellation for Third Quarter Moon Members-Only Star Party

    Event on 2019-05-25 posted 3 months ago

    This Third Quarter Moon Members-Only Star Party (star party event) scheduled for May 25, 2019, 10:00 PM is cancelled due to inclement weather.