• Cancellation for Rattlesnake Mountain Trailhead Star Party

    Event on 2018-09-08 posted 5 months ago

    This Rattlesnake Mountain Trailhead Star Party (star party event) scheduled for Sep 08, 2018, 06:00 PM is cancelled due to inclement weather.

  • View Four Bright Planets

    posted 6 months ago

    Four bright planets are visible in the early evening during August and most of September. Venus, low in the west, is the brightest and will be the first "star" you are able to see as evening twilight begins to darken the sky. Two other bright planets, Mars and Jupiter, also become visible during early twilight. Mars is low in the southeast as evening begins.  Mars is not quite as as bright as Venus, but glows with a distinct orange color, quite unlike the pure white color of Venus. Jupiter is in the southwest, above and to the left of Venus. Jupiter is about the same brightness as Mars but has a warm-white color. All three planets are brighter than any true star and are striking when seen against the dark blue sky of early twilight. As the evening sky continues to darken, Saturn will become visible in the south, among the stars of the constellation Sagittarius. Although Saturn isn’t nearly as bright as Mars or Jupiter, the ringed planet is brighter than any star in this area of sky and isn’t hard to recognize.

    Throughout August and early September Mars remains nearly as large and bright as it was at the end of July. Mars rises a bit earlier and moves a bit toward the south each day. By early September, Mars is located roughly due south by the end of evening twilight. Unfortunately, Venus gets a bit lower in the western sky and sets a bit earlier each day. By mid-September Venus will only be a few degrees above the horizon as twilight begins, and will be challenging to spot.

  • Cancellation for Green Lake Public Star Party

    Event on 2018-08-18 posted 6 months ago

    This Green Lake Public Star Party (star party event) scheduled for Aug 18, 2018, 08:00 PM is canceled due to inclement weather, clouds, and smoke recently moving in from wildfires..

  • Reminder for Stargazing on the Oxbow Farm

    Event on 2018-08-10 posted 6 months ago

    This is just a friendly reminder that the Stargazing on the Oxbow Farm (outreach event) is scheduled for Aug 10, 2018, 08:00 PM. If yoiu are interested in volunteering for this event, please contact D. Ingram, the event coordinator.

  • Perseid Meteor Shower

    posted 7 months ago

    Best time to view this year's Perseid meteor shower will be August 12-13 after midnight (Sunday night/Monday morning). The night of August 11-12 after midnight (Saturday night/Sunday morning ) should be nearly as good. Prime viewing hours will be between 2 am and 5 am both nights, when an observer in a dark location can expect to see up to 60 or more Perseid meteors per hour. No optical equipment is needed, just lie back on a blanket or a reclining lawn chair and watch the sky. A dark site out in the country is best, but many Perseid meteors are bright and can be seen from the suburbs. Try to find a viewing spot where you can see a large area of sky but no bright streetlights, and remember that it takes a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes for your eyes to adjust to darkness.