NSN Webinar: Solar Orbiter: A joint ESA/NASA mission

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Type: Special Event

Held on: Jul 23, 2020 (Thu) at 06:00 PM to Jul 23, 2020 (Thu) at 07:00 PM

Online Location: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ej4K9Q5mCaU

Speaker: Dr. Teresa Nieves-Chinchilla


Event Coordinator: John McLaren

Join the NASA Night Sky Network to hear Teresa Nieves-Chinchilla from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, as she shares with us an update on the Solar Orbiter mission.

Solar Orbiter, a space mission of international collaboration between ESA (European Space Agency) and NASA, is the latest mission to study the Sun.  The mission will address a central question of heliophysics: How does the sun create and control the giant bubble of magnetic fields around it, the heliosphere?

Night Sky Network members can find more information and a link to preregister for this webinar (login required) at: http://nightsky.jpl.nasa.gov/download-view.cfm?Doc_ID=670

Livestream available to everyone via Night Sky Network YouTube.

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NSN Webinar: Solar Orbiter: A joint ESA/NASA mission (special event) is scheduled for Jul 23, 2020, 06:00 PM. Please come out and join us!