Skywatching: Mars Rover

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Open to Public

Type: Special Event

Held on: Jul 25, 2020 (Sat) at 04:00 PM to Jul 25, 2020 (Sat) at 05:00 PM

Online Location: Facebook Meeting

Speaker: Keri Bean


Event Coordinator: John McLaren

Have you ever wondered what it's like to drive a Mars rover? Mars is around 69 million miles from Earth (give or take depending on it's orbit) which means there is a lag between sending a direction to the rover to do a task and the rover receiving that direction. With NASA about to launch it's fourth rover mission to Mars, learn about what it takes to talk to the rovers and the science they do for us.

Keri Bean, Rover Planner for the Curiosity Mars Rover and training lead for Mars Perseverance Rover, will speak about her experiences working with Curiosity and what NASA expects to learn from Perseverance.

The program will stream live from the museum's facebook page -

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