Robotic Exploration of Titan with Dragonfly


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Type: Special Event

Held on: Sep 02, 2020 (Wed) at 05:00 PM to Sep 02, 2020 (Wed) at 06:00 PM

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Speaker: Douglas Adams


Event Coordinator: John McLaren

Dragonfly is a rotorcraft lander mission that will embark on a journey to Saturn's moon Titan in 2026. Selected as part of NASA's New Frontiers Program, Dragonfly will explore Titan's surface employing autonomous navigation with ground control providing only high-level waypoint and flight plan information. Carrying a suite of instruments, this robotic explorer will sample materials and determine surface composition in different geologic settings in order to characterize the habitability of Titan's environment.


This talk will present a brief overview of the Dragonfly mission, and focus specifically on the Lander Mobility System. Utilizing Terrain Relative Navigation (TRN) and lidar-based hazard avoidance techniques, 

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