Family Astronomy Night

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Type: Special Event

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Held on: Jan 29, 2022 (Sat) at 01:00 PM to Jan 29, 2022 (Sat) at 02:00 PM

Location: Rainier Building, Room 263 9401 Farwest Dr SW Lakewood, WA 98498

Event Coordinator: alanspurgeon

How do the sun, moon and stars move across the sky?  Why does it get dark so early in the winter yet the sun is still up at bedtime in the summer? How have different cultures around the world used the stars to tell stories?  In this live and interactive planetarium presentation you will  discover motions and patterns in the sky, make and take your own constellation and travel around the world to see how others see the sky.


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The Bonney Lake Chapter will be having their January Family Astronomy Night at the Pierce College Science Dome on January 29th at 1pm.

Featuring the video short: THE GREAT WAKA tells the New Zealand Māori story of how a fisherman, Tamareriti, created the Milky Way with all its constellations, and for the first time brought light to our Southern night skies. Look up from The South Pacific, and you’ll see his Great Waka canoe traveling across the sky. Find out how the waka came to be there and how through the ages it has guided Polynesian sailors navigating the southern seas. 

Everyone attending the show must wear a mask. The college is limiting the number of participants to 30 visitors at each showing.

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