Exoplanet Excitement Captured! SAS Monthly General Meeting


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Type: General Meetings

Keywords: Exoplanets Milky Way Solar System Nasa Exotic

Held on: May 17, 2023 (Wed) at 07:00 PM to May 17, 2023 (Wed) at 09:00 PM

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Speaker: Sujit Nair

Location: Physics/Astronomy Auditorium (PAA), Room A102, Seattle, Washington

Event Coordinator: Keith Krumm


**IN-PERSON AT THE UW or Zoom**. Please join us!

Sujit Nair has studied and updated mid-transits for several exoplanets and wants to share his exciting work!  He is a student at Stanford Online High School and lives in Redmond WA. He is a member of the Seattle Astronomical Society and an affiliate member of American Astronomical Society. His study on exoplanet mid transit times were accepted as poster sessions at AAS 240, AAS 241 & the upcoming AAS 242 conference. Sujit's exoplanet study took first place and best of Grade at the 2022 Washington State Science and Engineering Fair. Exo-explorer also took first place and special awards at the 2023 Washington State science & Engineering fair in March of this year. Sujit is passionate about space and has completed online courses in Physics, Solar System, Molecular Spectroscopy, Diversity of Exoplanets, Exploring Time and Space. He loves his 12” Dobsonian telescope and is excited to share and learn from all of you. He will cover mid-transit study of exoplanets TrES-1b, 2b & 3b using NASA EXOTIC - Exoplanet interpretation code and his initial learnings from spectroscopy. 

Members log in for link / Public please request link at outreach@seattleastro.org (All are welcome in-person!)

Questions? outreach@seattleastro.org


Latitude 47.6530838, Longitude -122.3110375

More Information

TrES-1 b is a gas giant exoplanet that orbits a K-type star. Its mass is 0.84 Jupiters, it takes 3 days to complete one orbit of its star, and is 0.03925 AU from its star.  https://exoplanets.nasa.gov/exoplanet-catalog/5055/tres-1-b/



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Exoplanet Excitement Captured! SAS Monthly General Meeting starts soon!

Exoplanet Excitement Captured! SAS Monthly General Meeting starts shortly on May 17 (Wed) at 07:00 PM.

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