International Dark Sky Week


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Type: Special Event

Keywords: Dark Sky Advocate

Held on: Apr 15, 2023 (Sat) at 12:00 AM to Apr 22, 2023 (Sat) at 11:45 PM

Online Location: Please sign in to see online meeting location.

Event Coordinator: David W. Ingram



It may seem harmless, but light pollution has far-reaching consequences that are harmful to all living things.  Effectove outdoor lighting reduces light pollution, leading to a better quality of life for all.  

The dark sky movement is working to bring better lighting to communities around the world so that all life can thrive.

Join us this International Dark Sky Week, April 15-22 to learn more about the movement, and discover the night where you live.


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April 15-22


over 1 year ago

International Dark Sky Week starts soon!

International Dark Sky Week starts shortly on Apr 15 (Sat) at 12:00 AM.

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