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Science Fair


SAS Only

Type: How To Volunteer

Keywords: School Astronomy Education

Held on: Mar 29, 2019 (Fri) at 06:00 PM to Mar 29, 2019 (Fri) at 08:00 PM

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This is a school only event held for students, family and staff of a local elementary school ES.  
This Science Fair for elementary grades brings approximately 250 students and parents to school to enjoy many different types of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities inclluding astronomy.

A limited number of SAS volunteers will be coordinated by David Ingram.  Volunteers will "talk stars" with the kids, demonstrate telescopes, binoculars and other tools and gadgets, explain basic aspects of astronomy and provide hand-outs and crafts.


Latitude 47.7412194, Longitude -122.176306

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