Import Calendar

It's possible to import SAS events directly into your favorite calendar app, whether on Mac OS X, iOS, Windows, or even Linux.

This allows you to keep track of SAS events from your favorite device and calendar app.

Note, we use ics format, also known as iCal that's an open standard available across most major operating sytems.

Quick & Dirty

Depending on your system you may need to add it using different methods. The easiest way to see if your system automatically maps webcal to your default calendar app.

Ideally, clicking on the below link will automatically open up your calendar app and ask to add it.


Adding to Your Calendar App

Every operating system and application is different. We encourage you to look up your application to read how to add (or import) online calendars.

In all instances, your application will need to a URL. Please use the below URL per whatever your application instructions.

In some instances, clicking the below will download a file to your computer. If you double-click on the file, some operating systems will ask to open and add the calendar to the default calendar app (e.g. Windows 11).