SAS Membership

Membership in the Seattle Astronomical Society is open to anyone who enjoys astronomy or who would like to help SAS in sharing the enjoyment of astronomy with others. No experience is necessary!

Annual Membership Fees

Membership fees help to support our programs including star parties and educational outreach.

  • Family SAS Membership at $40.00
  • Regular SAS Membership at $40.00
  • Student SAS Membership at $20.00

    SAS membership for a student. Current student ID is required for sign-up or renewal. Please send a photocopy to SAS mailing address, or scan and send to

Additionally as a SAS member, you are eligible to subscribe to the following at SAS-member annual rates.

  • Astronomy at $42.00
  • Sky & Telescope at $46.00

The SAS is a qualified nonprofit organization, and we gratefully accept monetary donations, which are tax deductible.

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Membership Benefits

  • New Member Meetings are held several times annually at a member's home and give new members an opportunity to learn about astronomy and about the Seattle Astronomical Society.
  • Dark sky observing is available only to members once a month at Rattlesnake Mountain Trailhead as part of an Seattle Astronomical Society agreement with the Department of Natural Resources.
  • Leadership opportunities are available to members who decide to become Seattle Astronomical Society officers, board members, or volunteers in many different capacities.
  • Opportunities for interacting with and learning from others who share an interest in astronomy and observing are an advantage of membership.
  • Use of telescopes owned by SAS is allowed for all members, and using these different telescopes can offer education in telescope use as well as help in deciding on the type of telescope one should buy.
  • Discounts on Sky and Telescope & Astronomy magazines are available to members.
  • Astronomical League (AL) membership is a benefit automatically received by each Seattle Astronomical Society member as a result of dues payment. This AL membership allows a member to work toward national awards for meeting specific observing objectives; to attend annual national AL conventions; and to receive the AL magazine, The Reflector, at no additional charge.
Become part of a community of people who share a common passion


Why should I join? Becoming a member of SAS confirms your commitment to advancing the educational influence and public awareness of astronomy.

How do you use my fees? We use your yearly fees to fund our administrative costs (e.g., insurance, state registration fees, Astronomical League membership, etc.), to subsidize costs for certain activities (e.g., monthly meetings, annual banquet), to maintain and improve our equipment library, and to pay for expenses associated with our Outreach Program.

When do you meet? We meet on the UW Campus monthly every third Wednesday. Check out our events to learn more.