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Celestron StarHopper 8


Keywords: Dobsonian Newtonian


Note  This item is being serviced and it is not available for check out.


There is a waitlist for this equipment. New requests to borrow it are not being accepted until spring 2021.

NOTE: This is a heavy and bulky telescope and may not fit in smaller cars.

This Celestron Star Hopper Dobsonian is an 8 inch Newtonian telescope on a Dobson style mount. The telescope includes a Telrad finder that is intuitive to use and works well for pointing the telescope at the moon, planets, and brighter stars. Finding deep sky objects (e.g. galaxies and star clusters) requries the use of star charts and some knowledge of the sky.


A Newtonian optical system features a large primary mirror at the bottom of the tube which collects light and concentrates it onto a small secondary mirror, which reflects the light out the side of the tube and into the eyepiece. A Dobson style mount is a simple but stable type of Alt-Azimuth mount (the telescope moves up -down and left-right). The.user must "star hop" to observing targets by referring to a star atlas and moving the tube up or down, and left or right, by hand.

Note: This is a heavy and bulky telescope.  It may require 2 people to lift it and a bigger vehicle to transport it.

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