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Orion StarMax 127 EQ

Orion starmax 127 eq

Keywords: Reflector Beginner Intermediate Orion Portable


Loan ends in 47 days on May 16, 2020 (Saturday).

The StarMax 127 telescope is a Maksutov-Cassegrain design that folds a long focal length into a relatively short and easy to handle optical tube. The long focal length (1540mm) makes it easy to reach high magnification for observation of the moon and planets. The 127 mm aperature is large enough for nice views of brighter deep sky objects.  Includes an adjustable tripod and equatorial mount with manual slow-motion controls.


  • Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope with a 127 mm aperture and 1540 mm focal length
  • Equatorial mount with manual slow-motion controls (no motor drive or computer)
  • User level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Good for viewing the moon and planets, as well brighter deep sky objects
  • Sirius Plossl 25 mm 1.25” eyepiece gives 62x magnification and a 0.8 field of view
    • Use this eyepiece for finding 
  • Celestron Plossl 12.5 mm 1.25” eyepiece gives 123x magnification
    • This eyepiece provides a near optimum magnification for high power viewing of planets, the moon, and smaller deep sky objects.
  • 90-degree mirror diagonal
  • Soft case for the compact optical tube
  • Weight, fully assembled: 36.2 lbs

Note: This is a good telescope for beginners to learn how to operate a simple and manual telescope.  It does not come with a computer nor a motorized tracking system, so there is less to learn.  It is not heavy and quite portable.  Some assembly and setup is required.  It is a good telescope for children, with adult supervision, to get started with Astronomy.

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