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Edmund Astroscan


Keywords: Newtonian


Note  This item is being serviced and it is not available for check out.

This telescope needs repairs and is not currently available for loans.

The Edmund Scientific Astroscan 4 1/8" telescope comes in a basic package that includes the telescope, a unit power red circle sight (Rigel Quik Point), a cast-aluminum tabletop base that's padded to prevent scratches on sensitive surfaces, a user's manual, two eyepieces, and a carrying bag. The Astroscan has a focal length of 445mm and makes a great "grab and go" scope requiring virtually no setup.  Unfortunately the telescope is slightly but permenately out of collimation and is not suitable for hig power viewing, but it works OK with the provided eyepieces.. A low power eyepiece (16x) provides a three degree angle true field of view and a medium power eyepiece provides 25x. The Astroscan provides good views of large star clusters and nebula, such as the Double Cluster, the Andromeda galaxy, and the Great Nebula in Orion. complex, all of which can be seen from the suburbs of Seattle. It will show Jupiter and it's moons, but does not quite resolve Saturn's ring system.



  • 4.125" Objective
  • 28mm eyepiece (magnification 16x)
  • Aluminum tabletop base
  • Carrying bag
  • Open sight target finder
  • Telescope Type: Newtonian Rich Field Reflector
  • Objective Mirror: Pyrex 4.125" 
  • Focal Ratio: f/4.2
  • Field of View: 3 degrees at 16x
  • Telescope Weight: 8.4 lbs.
  • Overall Length/Diameter: 17"/10"
  • Manual

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