BEAS Membership Meeting with speaker Emily Levesque

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Type: Special Event

Held on: Jun 11, 2020 (Thu) at 06:30 PM to Jun 11, 2020 (Thu) at 08:30 PM

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Speaker: Emily Levesque


Event Coordinator: David W. Ingram

The Boeing Employees Astronomical Society invites SAS to their June Membership meeting with speaker Emily Levesque. Emily's research interests are focused on massive stellar astrophysics and the use of massive stars as cosmological tools. Her current research program includes panchromatic observations and models of star-forming galaxies and their young stellar populations; host galaxy and progenitor studies of massive star transients such as LBVs, supernovae, and long-duration gamma-ray bursts; surveys of evolved massive stars in and beyond the Local Group; and the properties of Thorne-Zytkow objects.

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BEAS Membership Meeting with speaker Emily Levesque (special event) is scheduled for Jun 11, 2020, 06:30 PM. Please come out and join us!