Behind the Spacecraft – Live Q&A

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Type: Special Event

Held on: Jun 11, 2020 (Thu) at 01:00 PM to Jun 11, 2020 (Thu) at 02:00 PM

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Speaker: Eric Aguilar


Event Coordinator: John McLaren

Meet NASA's Eric Aguilar, Mars 2020 Technical Group Supervisor – Behind the Spacecraft – Live Q&A

Get to know some of the diverse team of engineers and scientists working on NASA's next Mars rover, Perseverance. NASA-JPL engineer Eric Aguilar oversees a laboratory where engineering models of the Perseverance rover’s subsystems are tested. Join our chat to find out how they test models on Earth to make sure they work as expected on Mars. We'll be taking your questions live from the chat. The team is on track to launch Perseverance in July 2020 and land in Mars' Jezero Crater in February 2021. For more information on the Mars 2020 mission, go to:


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Behind the Spacecraft – Live Q&A (special event) is scheduled for Jun 11, 2020, 01:00 PM. Please come out and join us!