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AL Astronomy Day



Type: Outreach

Keywords: International Public Astronomy Day

Held on: Apr 29, 2023 (Sat) at 02:00 PM to Apr 29, 2023 (Sat) at 10:30 PM

Event Coordinator: David W. Ingram



The Astronomical League, Spring Astronomy Day for 2023 is April 29.  This is an international outreach event observed by both individual and club organized event for astronomy education and public outreach.

For a FREE 76 page Astronomy Day Handbook full of ideas and suggestions on hosting an event, go to < >   Click on "Astronomy Day" then Scroll down to "Free Astronomy Day Handbook"

For additional information,
contact Gary Tomlinson, Astronomy Day Coordinator @ < >

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10 months ago

AL Astronomy Day starts soon!

AL Astronomy Day starts shortly on Apr 29 (Sat) at 02:00 PM.

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