2023 Brooks Memorial Star Party



Type: Outreach

Keywords: Brooks Goldendale Star Party

Held on: Sep 14, 2023 (Thu) at 02:00 PM to Sep 18, 2023 (Mon) at 12:00 PM

Location: 2465 US-97, Goldendale, WA 98620

Event Coordinator: Russ Coad


Join us for an annual tradition of stargazing from one of the darkest spots in Washington state. This year we are hosting 3 star parties (July, August, and September) at Brooks Memorial State Park near Goldendale, WA.

One note to clarify, although there is camping, this event is first and foremost a Star Party for SAS Members and guests to enjoy. This is an event for new astronomers and veterans to get together to share a love of the night sky and all that it contains.

Please see below for more information as we hope you can join!


Latitude 45.944791, Longitude -120.670782

More Information

This event is free for SAS members. We invite guests who have a love for the hobby of astronomy, provided that they pay a $10.00 fee and sign a Waiver of Liability against any injurious event at the Star Party.

Because the site has already been booked and paid for by the SAS, there is no need for additional registering or reservations. Please show up at the group campsite located at Brooks. You can choose to stay for one night or all nights of the event.

While this is a campground please remember first and foremost this event is for stargazing. Driving in and out of the campground during dark hours is frowned upon. Because the campsite has no paved roads and there may be pets and children present please drive no faster than 5mph in the group campground. This will help keep dust from being kicked up and landing on telescopes..

New members and guests are strongly encouraged to bring what telescope equipment that they have to share, if they wish, with other new people. Keep in mind that many of the members will be doing imaging and as such, no white lights on the observing field, red lights only. As any Star Party, there are some protocols to keep in mind.

The group campsite does have potable water from 2 spigots and 2 pit toilets. There are paid showers available in the individual campground across the highway. Just up the road is a coffee shop that sells pasteries. For supplies the town of Goldendale is a short drive down the road where you can get gas, groceries, and find numerous restaurants plus the Goldendale Observatory!

Closer to the Columbia river are numerous wineries, the Maryhill Museum of Art, and the incredible Stonehinge WWI Memorial.

Other Key Info:

  • Check in with the event coordinator when you arrive. Please try to arrive in daylight.
  • If one comes into the park after dark, they need to park outside the observing field and bring their equipment in (It will help everyone if everybody plans to arrive in the daytime)
  • No laser lights, no campfires. Gas stoves are ok for cooking.
  • Brooks Memorial is near a wooded area and also some Marshland, that may invite mosquitos and yellow jackets to share in the experience, so be prepared for that. Some years it is not a problem, and some years it is.
  • It gets chilly at night at Brooks even in mid summer so pack warm clothes. Occassional thunderstorms have also been known to pass though.
  • Standard star party etiquette is expected (red lights only, no loud noise, no pets on leashes).
  • Saturday evening we often have an informal potluck if you’d like to join in with something to share
  • Although no formal registration is needed, we would appreciate a heads up if you plan on attending so we can welcome you. Feel free to contact the event coordinator.
  • Here is a map of Brooks Memorial State Park including our Group 1 Campsite


We hope this clarifies what the event at Brooks is about.
Hope to see you there.


8 months ago

2023 Brooks Memorial Star Party starts soon!

2023 Brooks Memorial Star Party starts shortly on Sep 14 (Thu) at 02:00 PM.

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