Stargazing and the City - The Basics


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Type: Workshops

Keywords: Observing Astronomy Basics Workshop Theodor Jacobsen Observatory

Held on: Mar 20, 2016 (Sun) at 02:00 PM to Mar 20, 2016 (Sun) at 04:00 PM

Speaker: Bob Mulford

Location: Theodor Jacobsen Obervatory

Event Coordinator: Bob Mulford

An observing skills workshop aimed at helping new and intermediate observers learn and understand the sky.


Latitude 47.6603287, Longitude -122.3092749

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Workshop Topics include:
Learning the Sky (The first and most important step)
- Using a simple all-sky star chart
- Why the night sky always looks different (Daily and Annual Motion)
- Identifying a few bright stars or star patterns in night sky (whatever month it is)
- The effect of light pollution

What’s out there to see?
- Charles Messier and his catalog
- The General Catalog of William and Caroline Herschel (now the NGC)

Observing with binoculars or small telescope:
- Star hopping to a deep sky wonder
- Some interesting objects to view from the city or suburbs


Theodor Jacobsen Observatory is at the north end of the University of Washington Campus.  Although free parking is available on campus after 12:00 noon on weekends, the parking lots near TJO are often crowded. Please allow time to find parking or consider using the bus. If you do drive and the TJO lot is full, lot N16 on the east side of campus below Padelford Hall usually has space, but it’s a ten minute walk from there to TJO. Please allow time to park (and if the sun isn't out, dress accordingly). Refreshments will be set up well before the official starting time, so arrive early, have a cookie, and get to know us.