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President *

Aaron Yoon (he/him)
Member since 2016-01-24

VP Activities *

Keith Krumm
Member since 2016-06-20

VP Education *

David W. Ingram
Member since 2009-01-04

VP Membership *

Jeremy Horst
Member since 2021-09-10

VP Publicity *

Alan Spurgeon
Member since 2019-02-07

Secretary *

Crystal Kaya
Member since 2019-06-03

Treasurer *

Stephen Van Rompaey
Member since 2013-11-22


Alan Spurgeon
Member since 2019-02-07

Equipment Manager

Darryn Lavery
Member since 2014-10-14
Bob Mulford
Member since 2012-06-19

Outreach Coordinator

Wendy Froggatt
Member since 2017-09-14

Astronomical League Correspondant (ALCOR)

David Hoover
Member since 2005-01-08


The Seattle Astronomical Society
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Seattle, WA 98103-1746