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February General Meeting


Online Public

Type: General Meetings

Keywords: General Meeting

Held on: Feb 21, 2024 (Wed) at 07:00 PM to Feb 21, 2024 (Wed) at 09:00 PM

Online Location: Please sign in to see online meeting location.

Speaker: Andy Tzanidakis

Location: 15th Ave NE and NE Pacific Hwy

Event Coordinator: Keith Krumm


This month's General Meeting will be held at the UW Planetarium. Andy Tzanidakis will be giving a special talk on "Searching for Mysterious Stellar Eclipses in the Milky Way:" 

Abstract: The advent of modern all-sky observatories and surveys has led to a revolution in the way we classify different types of variables in the Milky Way. In my presentation, I will discuss the discovery of Gaia17bpp, an unusual star that currently holds the record for the longest recorded stellar eclipse. However, we still do not know what caused the disappearance of the Gaia17bpp star for a few years. I will also be sharing some exciting research that we are conducting at DiRAC Institute to search for other anomalous stars.

Directions & Parking

We’re located at the corner of 15th Ave NE and NE Pacific Hwy, in the University District. The planetarium is on the second floor of the Physics/Astronomy Auditorium in room A220 at the far end of the hall.

The closest Gatehous to the planetarium is the West Gatehouse. After 4 p.m. and on Saturdays, parking costs a flat rate of $6.50* (*CPG parking is $13 after 4 p.m. and Saturdays).The closest drop-off locations near the planetarium are the 30 minute load/unload zones located on W Stevens Way NE. For information on disability parking see the disability parking webpage.