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  • OCT

    SAS Monthly Meeting - Discovery and Highlights of Sagittarius A*

    Wed at 07:30 PM Open to Public

    UW Professor Emeritus Bruce Balick will present a Zoom talk on the discovery and highlights of some subsequent observations of Sagittarius A*, the astronomical radio source at the center of our Milky Way galaxy. Members - sign in for the Zoom login link. Non-members are welcome to participate. Email President@SeattleAstro.Org prior to the meeting start for the login link.

  • OCT

    Virtual Telescope Viewings

    Sat at 09:00 PM Open to Public

    Join our resident astronomers on Facebook Live every Saturday evening live from Chabot’s Observation deck! Each week, our astronomers will guide us through spectacular night sky viewing through Nellie, Chabot‘s most powerful telescope.Weather permitting, we will be able to view objects live through the telescopes and our astronomers will be available for an open forum for all of your most pressing astronomy questions.About NellieNellie is a 36-inch reflector telescope, ... more

  • OCT

    Galaxy of Horrors: Terrifying Real Planets

    Thu at 07:00 PM Open to Public

    There are many deadly worlds out there in the Milky Way. This month’s show will profile some of the real - and terrifying - planets NASA missions have discovered and discuss how they fit into the overall picture of what dangers lurk in the darkness of space. Webcast:› Click here to watch the event live on YouTube› Click here to watch the event live on Ustream* Only the Thursday lectures are streamed live. Past shows are archived on YouTube.› Click here for ... more

  • OCT

    The Hunt for Dark Matter in the Universe: New Experiments

    Wed at 07:00 PM Open to Public

    Astronomers today understand that the universe is full of a mysterious substance they call “dark matter” (because it doesn’t give off any light or other radiation we can detect.) Dr. Shutt will discuss the motivation behind the multi-decade, world-wide effort to test the idea that dark matter is in the form of particles as small as a neutrino but as heavy as an atom. He will describe the experiment he is involved with, that uses 7 tons of liquefied Xenon to measure ... more

  • OCT

    Revealing the Universe With Infrared

    Wed at 03:00 PM Open to Public

    NASA experts will discuss how we use non-visible light to explore the universe. Our focus will be on infrared astronomy and the upcoming ASTHROS mission, a balloon-based telescope that will study star-forming regions in the Milky Way galaxy in far-infrared light. JPL education specialist Brandon Rodriguez will be joined by mission engineer Jose Siles for a presentation about how NASA is using infrared light to reveal the hidden universe around us.The live broadcast will also include a ... more