Events tagged with Eclipse

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  • JAN

    Total Lunar Eclipse

    Wed at 03:00 AM Open to Public

    Area astronomers including volunteers from the Seattle Astronomical Society will participate in viewing the early morning January 31st Total Lunar Eclipse from Solstice Park in West Seattle.

  • AUG

    Tales from the Dark Side: Eclipse Lessons Learned

    Wed at 07:30 PM Open to Public

    This lighthearted yet informative lecture reveals the difference between expectation and reality. Stephen, an avid eclipse chaser and observer of more than a dozen total and annular solar eclipses shares what we should do (and what not to do) so that we can have the best eclipse experience possible - without encountering the foibles described in this lecture. This entertaining romp should help eclipse watchers in Oregon to prepare for the unexpected. Who knows, maybe by the talk’s ... more

  • JUL

    Eclipse Author Signing

    Sat at 03:00 PM Open to Public

    Dr. Tyler Nordgren, Physics professor at University of Redlands (CA)

  • JUL

    Sun, Moon, Earth, the History of Solar Eclipses

    Sat at 02:00 PM Open to Public

    On Monday, August 21st, 2017, over tens of million of Americans will witness the first total eclipse of the sun in America in almost forty years. In Sun, Moon, Earth: The History of Solar Eclipses from Omens of Doom to Einstein and Exoplanets author, astronomer, artist and professor Tyler Nordgren illustrates how different cultures interpret eclipses through a series of accounts from a variety of ancient and modern scientists. A book signing immediately follows Dr. Nordgren's lecture.

  • JUN

    Solar Eclipse Outreach

    Wed at 07:30 PM Open to Public

    The August 21 total solar eclipse presents a huge opportunity to share your passion for astronomy with the public. Are you ready? Get tips for leading solar eclipse outreach events from Alice Enevoldsen, a local expert on teaching astronomy.