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  • AUG

    Massive Star Geriatrics

    Wed at 07:30 PM Open to Public
    Rubab khan

    We welcome Dr. Rubab Khan, from the University of Washington, who will be speaking with attendees about the evolution and fates of high mass stars. The monthly general meeting is as always, Open to the Public. Prior to the General Meeting, SAS volunteer staff offer a welcome table from 7:00PM to 7:30PM. New member and guests are invited to ask questions and meet some of the existing members. All attendees are welcome to stop by, have a cookie, and (if available) make a name tag to help ... more

  • AUG

    Sibling Rivalry in Massive Stars

    Wed at 07:30 PM Open to Public

    UW astronomy graduate and lecturer Breanna Binder will provide an overview of single star stellar evolution, and then discuss how massive stars in binary systems evolve differently from single stars. Some of these massive stellar binaries will form neutron star-neutron star or black hole-black hole binaries that are destined to eventually merge with one another. Dr. Binder will talk about what happens during these mergers and how we may be able to detect them in the very near future ... more