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  • NOV

    Peering through the Gravitational-Wave Window in to the Universe

    Wed at 07:30 PM Open to Public

    Recent detections of gravitational-wave signals by LIGO and VIRGO detectors from astrophysical sources have opened a new window in to the universe. UW Assistant Professor Krishna Venkateswara will discuss the LIGO detectors and the advances which have made this possible, and describe the most recent detections of a binary black hole merger and a binary neutron star inspiral by the global network of three detectors. Board elections will be held at the beginning of the meeting.

  • DEC

    LIGO and the Era of Multimessenger Astronomy

    Wed at 07:30 PM Open to Public

    The Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory (LIGO) made the first ever incident detection of gravitational waves on September 14, 2015, inaugurating gravitational wave astronomy as a new tool to explore the hidden universe of black holes and other exotic objects. With the second observing run of the Advanced LIGO detectors, alerts are coordinated with over 60 astronomy collaborations to search for an elusive multimessenger source, a signal that could be detected both in ... more